Blue Tac

” Rock Act for Kids……but not exclusively.”

Poppy, punky, soulful, rootsy tunes that light up peoples’ day.

Blue Tac is on a mission to reach out and share. Tac can be a rocking solo act in a kindergarten. It can be a duo or a three piece in a lounge room, a school or pretty much any public place.It can inspire a messy yet joyful arts and crafts mess. On the big stage of a festival, it’s clear the full band lineup is well and truly at home.

Blue Tac loves bringing different generations together. Something which happens effortlessly at our gigs. Nothing beats watching grandparents and little ones having a laugh and moving to our sound. There’s a feeling of magic in that “do it yourself” grassroots experience young people can cherish.

We are mindful our biggest fans don’t have social media accounts and don’t drive around town. We sincerely ask parents, punters, teachers and young people to check out our lyrics sheets, lyrics videos, and of course, our album. We believe the lyrically driven music can benefit literacy and learning in a lighthearted yet profound way.

Should be you haver any questions regarding gigs, incursions (Early childhood/School) or collaborations please email:

about me

The first Blue Tac songs were penned from around 2009. Many tracks were written for an audience of 1-2. Those experiments involved electronic beats, mc-ing, a lot of trial and error and just fun. Songs were road tested up north in Cape York in 2015. Songs like Thingamejig were particularly popular (or rather had the kids laughing at the singer). The project was laid to rest from 2017 up until 2020 when Blue Tac was re-ignited under lockdown. 

During a difficult time punctuated by 9-5 struggles, the positivity and constructive feel of this songs emerged as a guiding light.

Our Songs
  • Choo Choo!
  • Jump in the Pool
  • Eat my Greens
  • Hitting on the Wall
  • Berry Bad Wolf
  • Screen Devotion
  • Lost Little Teddy
  • If I was an Animal
  • Carrots
  • Thingamejig
  • Lollypop Lady
  • Green Light

our band

Commissar Blue Tac (guitar vocals)
Allan Laguna Quayes (Bass)
Uncle Mags (Live Samples)
Either Jordie or Wolf Boi Yaycobson ((Drums; depending on availability)
Cara and Katina (vocals & theatrics)
Lord Chugworthy (Harmonica)


“Blue Tac is the remedy to audio junk food for kids” Leah Huxley

book your gig

Our band schedule for 2023 is set to be busy on weekends. Please forward through small parties, boutique or larger festivals which you feel Blue Tac would suit.

During the weekdays in 2023 there is availability for incursions at early childhood services and schools.

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